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Participant Eligibility

Those individuals who have all of the following criteria may be eligible to enroll at Commonwealth Adult Day Health Care Center:

  • One or more chronic or post acute medical, cognitive, or mental health conditions by personal healthcare provider
  • Limitations in performance of two or more activities of daily living and need assistance or supervision
  • Insufficient support to maintain in the community, for example no family or caregiver available
  • A high potential for further deterioration and probable hospitalization or institutionalization
  • Conditions require adult day health care services such as nursing, personal care/social services, therapeutic activities, and meal service

Services provided at the Commonwealth Adult Day Health Care Center include but not limited to the following:

  • Medical & Nursing Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Aerobics & Health Dances
  • Caregiver Support Group
  • English Class
  • Health Education & Safety Training
  • Hot Meal & Snacks
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Psychiatric & Psychological Services

Our staff will organize the transportation from your home to our center and vice-versa. We provide nutritious meals, social interaction, recreational activities and a caring environment. Our services also help family members to be temporarily relieved from caregiving duties for their handicapped loved one. We hope that the level of caregiver support we offer will bring better balance for family life at home.

Admission Procedures

A multidisciplinary team of health professionals conducts a complete assessment and develops an Individualized Plan of Care (IPC), which determines the medical, social and psychological needs.
The IPC is reviewed with the participant and/or guardian to involve them in promoting quality services.

Cost for ADHC Services

Adult Day Health Care services are covered by Med-Cal or private payment. If the potential participant is eligible for Medi-Cal, the center obtains prior authorization from the enrolled Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plan or local Medi-Cal field office to provide services. Private pay participants are charged based on the center’s private pay rate. This rate may change as the Medi-Cal rate changes.

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